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[NEWS] 131221 Kim Jong Kook Once Scolded Sung Si Kyung for Bad Manners? (with Bahasa Translation)


[NEWS] 131221 Kim Jong Kook Once Scolded Sung Si Kyung for Bad Manners?

Source: News Nate via Soompi
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Kim Jong Kook Once Scolded Sung Si Kyung for Bad Manners?



Singer Sung Si Kyung recently revealed that Kim Jong Kook had scolded him in the past.

On December 20, Sung Si Kyung starred as a guest on JTBC’s “Witch Hunt” where he shared, “I made a promise with my manager before I debuted and was told that I could be friendly in greeting people I knew but didn’t have to greet those I didn’t know. As a result, a lot of people I didn’t know said a lot of negative things about me.”

He gave an instance of when he was scolded for his bad manners saying, “Since I knewHong Kyung Min better than Kim Jong Kook, I would give Kyung Min a friendly greeting and to Kim Jong Kook I wasn’t as friendly. When Kim Jong Kook caught on, he scolded me saying, ‘Let’s do it correctly next time.’ I have been greeting him properly ever since” causing everyone to laugh.

Shin Dong Yup commented, “I don’t know about anyone else, but with Kim Jong Kook you better behave properly.” Yoo Se Yoon also contributed his own encounter with Kim Jong Kook adding, “One time, Kim Jong Kook told me that he was going to hit me.”

Bahasa Translation

Kim Jong Kook Pernah Memarahi Sung Si Kyung karena Sikap Buruknya?

Penyanyi Sung Si Kyung baru-baru ini mengungkapkan bahwa Kim Jong Kook pernah memarahinya di masa lalu.

Pada 20 Desember, Sung Si Kyung yang menjadi bintang tamu di JTBC “Witch Hunt” menyampaikan “Sebelum aku debut, aku membuat sebuah janji dengan manajerku dan aku diberitahu bahwa aku bisa bersikap ramah dalam menyapa orang yang kukenal tapi tidak diharuskan menyapa orang-orang yang tidak kukenal. Akibatnya, banyak orang yang tidak kukenal mengatakan banyak hal negatif tentang aku.”

Dia memberi contoh ketika ia dimarahi karena perilaku buruk dengan mengatakan “Karena aku tahu Hong Kyung Min lebih baik dari Kim Jong Kook, saya akan menyapa Kyung Min dengan ramah dan kepada Kim Jong Kook, aku tidak terlalu ramah. Ketika Kim Jong Kook melihat hal tersebut, dia memarahiku dan berkata , ‘ Lain kali lakukan (menyapa) dengan benar’. Sejak saat itu aku selalu meyapanya dengan sopan (penuh rasa hormat).” yang mengundang tawa semua orang.

Shin Dong Yup berkomentar , “Aku tidak tahu dengan yang lainnya, tapi dengan Kim Jong Kook, Anda lebih baik berperilaku sopan dihadapnnya.” Yoo Se Yoon juga menambahkan, “Suatu kali , Kim Jong Kook mengatakan kepadaku bahwa dia akan memukul aku.”



[NEWS] 131202 Kim Jong Kook Takes Home the MC Award from the “Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2013”


[NEWS] 131202 Kim Jong Kook Takes Home the MC Award from the “Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2013”

Source: Soompi
Reblog and Translation in Bahasa by KJK Indonesia


Kim Jong Kook Takes Home the MC Award from the “Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2013”


Singer Kim Jong Kook confirmed his popularity all over Asia.

A Chinese media outlet reported Kim Jong Kook’s attendance at the “Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2013” held in Hong Kong on December 1.

At the awards, Kim Jong Kook received the award for “Asia’s Most Charismatic Korean Host.” The singer is actively starring in SBS’ “Running Man” and hosting KBS 2TV’s “Escape Crisis No.1.”

The “Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards,” which began in 2003, selects and awards the most influential stars in Asia using the Yahoo search statistics.

Bahasa Translation

Kim Jong Kook Membawa Pulang Penghargaan MC dari “Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2013”

Penyanyi Kim Jong Kook menegaskan popularitasnya di jagat Asia.

Sebuah media outlet China melaporkan kehadiran Kim Jong Kook di “Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2013” yang digelar di Hong Kong pada 1 Desember.

Pada penghargaan tersebut, Kim Jong Kook menerima penghargaan sebagai “MC Korea Paling Kharismatik.” Penyanyi ini aktif membintangi SBS ‘”Running Man” dan pembawa acara KBS 2TV “Escaping Crisis No.1.”

“Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards,” yang dimulai pada tahun 2003, menyeleksi dan memberi penghargaan kepada bintang selebritis yang paling berpengaruh di Asia dengan menggunakan statistik pencarian Yahoo.


[TRANS] Mnet Wide Quick Talk


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Eng Sub

MC: What kind of girl do you want to meet in 2013?
KJK: A person who is good at cooking. A person who is very wise and is polite.

MC: Is there a certain age gap you are thinking of?
KJK: I used to think big age gap was not very good, but now I need to start thinking about children so my mom recommends me to meet healthy/younger woman. Now, I think it is not so bad to have some age gap between my future wife and me.

Q: If you find a fan you like, what are you going to do?
KJK: Hmnn…personally I like people who like me. I am a shy person so I am not the person who goes after someone; therefore, I am person who waits for someone to ask me out. If you like me, I think expressing it would be very good for me.

Indonesian Sub

MC: Tipe gadis seperti apa yang ingin anda temui di 2013?
KJK: Seseorang yang pintar memasak. Seseorang yang bijaksana dan sopan. Read the rest of this entry