We are  first Indonesian fanbase dedicated to  Kim Jong Kook who is known as an extraordinary singer with unique voice and widely recognized as an entertainer as a cast of variety shows such as X-Man, Family Outing, Running Man, Escape Crisis No.1, etc.

This fanbase has been founded at 21th June 2011 by Admin J.

The admins of this fanbase currently consist of 5 admins, scattering across Indonesia.

1) Via Twitter, Instagram, blog and Facebook, we will not promote any online shops nor what they’re selling, unless they would like us to do an ad on them or have a cooperation/collaboration with us.

2) We’re mostly active on our Twitter for almost daily updates, info, games, etc.

3) Do not hesitate to ask us anything if it needs to be asked.

4) We do not have a direct connection to Kim Jong Kook and/or his associates.

5) We do not have any connections with SBS, Running Man and/or their associates.

6) We are NOT a Running Man fanbase! We’re a Kim Jong Kook fanbase!

7) Anything taken from us, please leave a credit to the source, whether it’s from us directly or not. We do the same to others.

8) Simple: Respect us, and we’ll give respect as well. ^^

Follow us on Twitter: @KJK_Indonesia

Follow us on Instagram: @Kjkindonesia

LIKE us on our Facebook page: KJK Indonesia

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  1. Bagaimana caranya jika saya ingin bertemu dgn Kim Jong Kook? Misal saya ke Korea, apakah disana ada Papitus yg bisa mengkoneksikan ke Kim Jong Kook atau bagaimana? Terimakasih.

  2. Maaf mau tanya, ada admin or mod yg bisa dihibungin ga ya? Sehubungan dengan charity project yang mau diadakan kjkglobal apakah sudah disounding ke teman2 papitus indonesia? Karna deadlinenya tanggal 25nov jd maklumin ya klo buru2in^^

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