[2 ARTICLES] 160217 Topics Discussed by TURBO at SBS Radio Program Cultwo Show


[2 ARTICLES] 160217 Topics Discussed by TURBO at SBS Radio Program Cultwo Show

Source: Soompi

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1st Article: Kim Jong Kook Reveals His Close Relationship With Lee Seung Gi


Turbo made a guest appearance on the February 17 radio broadcast of SBS‘s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” and had the opportunity to discuss a variety of topics.

During the broadcast, listeners shared their eyewitness accounts of seeing Kim Jong Kook and Lee Seung Gi together. Kim Joon Kook then explained, “I became close with Lee Seung Gi since ‘X-Man.’ I saw him about a week beforehe left for the army.”

Turbo is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and released their sixth album, “Again,” last year. They are currently keeping busy with their comeback through various activities in music, variety, and radio programs. They will be kick-starting their 20th anniversary concert in Seoul starting next month and will continue to tour Korea through April.


2nd Article: Kim Jong Kook Explains How Turbo Splits Profits


On February 17, Turbo was the guest on SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” and they shared how the income is split amongst the three Turbo members.

When asked about income distribution, Kim Jong Kook said, “Honestly, it’s not split the same.” Kim Jung Nam then added, “Mikey and I receive whatever is given to us,” and Mikey piped in, “Kim Jong Kook hyung is our boss. While he is my hyung and a fellow member, there is that concept that he is also our boss.”  Kim Jung Nam concluded, “For me, I just want to release songs. I think I can make a livelihood without making a profit.”

Meanwhile, Turbo released their first album in fifteen years with three members last December.

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