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[35 PIC] 141024-25 Kim Jong Kook at Indonesia Race Start Season II Press Conference, RM Sign Session and RM Fan Meeting


[35 PIC] 141024-25 Kim Jong Kook at Indonesia Race Start Season II Press Conference, RM Sign Session and RM Fan Meeting

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[16 PIC] 141010 Kim Jong Kook Exclusive Interview by Da Yu Wang in Chong Qing (China)


[16 PIC] 141010 Kim Jong Kook Exclusive Interview by Da Yu Wang in Chong Qing (China)


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The Chinese Article

10月10日,韩国人气综艺《running man》成员金钟国携韩国 “美男天团”   成员来渝,并在重庆大剧院献唱《一个男人》、《可爱》等经典歌曲。大渝网独家专访,并为粉丝送上现场高清大图福利。

期望以后《running man》能来渝

金钟国一开始是以歌手的身份出道,但被中国观众熟知却是因为综艺节目《running man》,七位成员各有特色,深受观众的喜爱,而他与光洙“老虎长颈鹿”的搭配,更是萌点十足。谈到光洙时,金钟国表示虽然在节目上经常是对立互损的关系,但私底下两人非常亲近。

首次来渝,金钟国直言重庆这座城市给了他惊喜,重庆的美食也很对他胃口。在韩国经常吃改良版火锅的他,这次因为时间关系没能吃到正宗的麻辣火锅让他觉得遗憾。他认为重庆的发展不比上海、北京差,以后有机会的话,希望能来渝录制《running man》。

认可中国版《running man

今 年浙江卫视引进了《running man》,改名为《奔跑吧兄弟》,并请到了邓超、王宝强、Angelababy(杨颖)、王祖蓝等众多明星加盟,首期于10月10日开播,金钟国作为韩版 元老,参与了第一期的录制。对于中国版的成员,金钟国对他们的表现非常认可,因为节目中会有很多危险的动作,他提醒大家要注意安全。


金 钟国曾在综艺节目《Xman》中与女星伊恩惠传出绯闻,虽然是为了节目效果,但他们之间的甜蜜互动,仍让很多粉丝热切希望“在一起”。现实生活中,金钟国 表示自己喜欢有肉胖嘟嘟的女生,不会介意“后天美女”但自然的最好。被问及什么时候解决个人问题时,他笑言这是一个棘手的事, 不过他对此还是充满了信心:“应该不会太久。”

谢中国粉丝 以后会常来

金钟国9日晚来渝,上百名粉丝接机,更有香港、上海、西藏等地的粉丝专程赶来。对于粉丝的热情,金钟国表示非常感动,感谢粉丝对他的支持,他还透露,以后会在中国各地做活动,让粉丝不用那么辛苦。(文/宁丹 图/陈治)



October 10, South Korean popular variety (Running Man) Member Kim Jong Kook come to attend Korean “美男天团” Live Show, Performed “ Han Nam Ja” songs at a Grand Theater in Chong Qing, Lovable and other of his Classic Song. Da Yu Wang got a chance for exclusive Interview and also provide to Fans for the HD Picture of JK.

Hope For The Future Have a chance filming in here

KJK was debut as a Singer, but for China Audience they know KJK because of the popular variety (Running Man), 7 different characteristics members, loved by the audience, but he and Kwang Soo “Tiger and Giraffe” pairs . it’s full of adorable. When talk about Kwang Soo, KJK express although their relationship in the show often against each other, but in the private life, their relationship very close.

First time visit, KJK said that Chong Qing City gave him many surprised, Chong Qing food very suitable his taste. In Korean, often eating Steamboat, this visit because of time, he couldn’t eat the authentic hotpot, he felt regret. He feel that the development of Chong Qing, in development not poor than Shang Hai, Bei Jing, in the future if have a chance, I hope can filming Running Man in Here.

Recognition of China Version Running Man

This year Zhe Jiang Wei Shi lead (Running Man), also change the name to Ben Pao Ba Xiong Di, Invite Deng Chao,Wang Bao Qiang, Angelababy (Yang Ying), Wang Zu Lan and other celebrities to Join. The first Broadcast on this October 10, KJK as a Korean version Veteran, attended the first time filming. For the China Version Members, Kim Jong Kook is recognized for their performance, because in the show will have many dangerous actions, he reminded everyone to pay attention for their safety.

Mate Selection : like a little bit Chubby Girl

Kim Jong Kook was ever got rumored in a Korean Variety Show (X-Man) with Yoon Eun Hye, although it was for the effect of the Show, but the sweet interaction between them, still have many fans eager to see they are really together. In the real life, KJK expressed he like a girl with a little chubby, don’t mind “Acquired beauty” but natural looks always best. When to be asked when will the time to solve personal life (in other words married) , he smiled and said it was a tricky thing, but he still confident of this: “It should not be too long.”

Thank you for China Fans, I’ll often come

KJK was come on the evening of October 9, a hundred of fans come to pick, and more Hong Kong, ShangHai, Tibet, and other places fans that are especially came. For the Passionate from Fans, KJK expressed he felt very touched, Thanks for fans support, he also revealed that in the future he’ll have activities in every part of China, let his fans not exhausting.

[1 PIC] (Jongkookk’s Weibo) 141011 I’m watching Chinese RM in China!! Lol So funny n cool~


[1 PIC] (Jongkookk’s Weibo) 141011 I’m watching Chinese RM in China!! Lol So funny n cool~

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BzojTCeCUAAldtt.jpg large

I’m watching Chinese RM in China!! Lol So funny n cool~ hope everyone like this show!! I always support u guys! Go for it!!! 지금 중국에서 중국런닝맨 보고있어요! 너무잼있네요! 다들좋아했음~ 항상 응원할께요~화이팅!!

[I VIDEO] (kjk76’s Instagram) 141010 Lol I’m flying~~~!!


[I VIDEO] (kjk76’s Instagram) 141010 Lol I’m flying~~~!!

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Lol I’m flying~~~!! #oldmagic # mirror magic 난다~~~~!! ㅋㅋㅋ #심심해서 #오랜만에 #옛날놀이

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[1 VIDEO] 141008 Kim Jong Kook in Hongkong Star Talk Interview together with Lee Kwang Soo and Jee Seok Jin


[1 VIDEO] 141008 Kim Jong Kook in Hongkong Star Talk Interview together with Lee Kwang Soo and Jee Seok Jin

Source: 520Stars1 Youtube

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Translation all by KJK Indonesia


First of all, they are greeting to everybody using Cantonese Language

KJK: Hello Everybody, I’m Kim Jong Kook

JSJ: Hello Everybody, I’m Jee Seok Jin

LKS: Hello Everybody, I’m Lee Kwang Soo

After that~~

JSJ was laughed after hearing the acquaintance from Kwang Soo

Because Kwang ju, somehow similar with mandarin Language “ Gong Zhu” that mean princess (King’s Daughter)

That’s why they are laugh

Come back to HK once again, what was the food that you misses most?

JSJ: in HK, there have a leaf that wrap the rice inside, 15 years ago, I ate this before, very delicious

When Kwang Soo transform into a Sexy Woman, JSJ was heartbeat fast in a moment?

JSJ: I don’t know Kwang Soo have a such good body, I almost confessed to him

During Running Man Filming , do you face any difficulties?

JSJ: For me, it’s not tired at all, but Its only tired for them (pointing KJK)

KJK : I always feel tired, because our show called Running Man, we almost using our body to play all of the game, and need a lot of energy

Kwang soo share his vacation experience on Thailand!

LKS : This time went to Thailand, was my first time to go to many places and ate many delicious food, everything was so deep impression and Thailand also have many beautiful scenery, many Thailand citizens are welcoming us, support us, I’m using a thankful heart to relax and rest, really have many beautiful memories. In the past, when I was came to Thailand, there was many fans in airport , This time I went to Thailand with other drama cast, there was a fans took out jo in sung placard, placard was wrote Jo In Sung, we exchange eye gazes for a while, we felt a little bit awkward. Just a like a couple who broke up and felt very distance.

How they are feel about Kwang Soo Acting Skill?

JSJ : the best one, it’s really~~

KJK : yes, the best one, really the best one.

JSJ : Always look at him, always feel that he is my younger brother. Even when I was first time saw his act was a little bit awkward, but after saw the recent of his acting, I feel it really like this~~

KJK: Actually in the Running Man, Kwang Soo was really funny and interesting, isn’t it? This kind of kwang soo, if can’t act well, I think no one would ask him for acting. because his funny image, but his acting skill really good, although nowadays he only acting funny roles in a drama, I believe Kwang Soo in the future will have many good roles, because his acting skill really very good

LKS: the movie I ever act, they will always come to watched, Every in my new movie premiers, the two of them will never miss out, even when they came, but they fall asleep then (I think he is pointing KJK) & Jee Seok Jin will leave first before the movie end. They will come together with me in my Movie Premier, I feel very thankful

Talk about their animal character in Running Man

JSJ: ah, animal characters~~
KJK: Although it might be different from what we’ve discussed, that I am tiger, JSJ is impala and LKS is giraffe. Although at the first time, we do not think that we are alike to these animals, but after while we are doing this roles, we felt that really fits us well, all of us feel not bad, and we felt more and more like of these kind of nicknames, very like it, the truth sometimes I was going to buy clothes, if I saw a tiger image on the shirt, I’ll buy them

LKS: yes, he really become like of this kind of stuff

KJK: Because kwang soo is giraffe, if I saw a shirt with giraffe image, I’ll buy it for him, I really feel that I‘m addicted

JSJ : in the last year, I saw you ( the interviewer), last year I got a question but I didn’t ask, who do you like most in Running Man?

LKS: who are very match to your ideal type?

Interviewer : all of you, I like

JSJ & LKS ; no. no. you can choose only one of us

KJK : why you asked this kind of question?

JSJ: only one

Interviewer: all of you are handsome, so all of you I like

KJK : yes, why you must asked this question?

LKS: what are you expecting?

JSJ : I’m not expecting

KJK: don’t expecting

JSJ : no, no, I’m only curious. Because of curious, and then I’m asked

Interviewer : JSJ, I’m like most

KJK : are you now happy? After heard the answer you’d like to hear

JSJ: the answer is correct

Which HK artist that you wish to invite to Running Man?

JSJ: all of them are good, I really like Tang Wei, although she already got married

KJK: so what if she already got married?

LKS: For me Hong Jin Bao (Sammo Hung), I hope he will come, at least one time

JSJ: we talk about female actress now

KJK: I want to invite liu de hua (andy Lau), oh Female actress

JSJ: we talk about female actress now

KJK : if we’d like to invite a guess from HK, all are talked Tang Wei

JSJ : Fan Bing Bing

KJK: is she from hongkong ?

Interviewer : China

KJK : If Jun Ji Hyun can appear one time in Running Man, if she can, that will be very good, in Asia ,there have a lot of people like her. If she can appear one time, really good

JSJ: (sing a song) who is that one?

Interviewer : Eason Chan

JSJ: Yes, Eason Chan. I’d like to invite him

KJK : it looks like he’s only the one who have this kind of thought

JSJ: yes, we never discussed it

China Version of Running Man

KJK: about our show, in the other country also have the production, we felt very happy, in that country (Running Man) will become more and more famous, will let more people know our show (Running Man) , we felt really good, . To let them have a better understanding of the original Running Man, we taught and share to them some little tricks while playing games. We also helped each other, that is how the filming was done.

JSJ: if me, I think that angela baby very beautiful, JSJ said beautiful in mandarin (Piao Liang)

LKS: we felt that our relationship become closer more, hope to meet them again

JSJ: after he (JSJ pointing LKS) saw angela baby, he is attracted to her

LKS: she is my ideal type

JSJ: that scene will appeared in the show

Song Ji Hyo VS Angela Baby

JSJ: if compared with Song JI Hyo, I choose angela baby

LKS: angela baby

KJK: laugh loudly and high five with kwang soo

Interviewer: all are choose angela baby..

Talk about their winning experience on Running Man

KJK : actually, according to the different situation, I also have many lose experience, we filming about four years, we also have lose and win record, if my luck is not good, I’ll lose too, because I’m not always has the best situation, if I’m not in the best situation, I’ll lose too

LKS: he is someone that don’t have weakness. In this show, he doesn’t have weakness at all

KJK : yes, sometimes will win too, but while play the different games, there maybe have a change.

JSJ: this kind of answer should be answered by us beside of him. Actually you should said like this, you can doing something secretive behind him

LKS: even something secretive also can’t

JSJ : doing something secretive behind him is really difficult, because he is sensitive. if there is a long rod to beat him up…

LKS: you can use woman

JSJ: using a woman to defeat him. If “Angela Baby”, she can win.

LKS: yes, yes

Interviewer : Thank You

KJK, JSJ, LKS: Thank you