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[18 PICS] Hongkong Exclusive Interview


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Several reporters asked about who’s Chinese celebrities that if they come as guest in Running Man, make him excited most. He answered, Tang Wei and Andy Lau.

If the weather so hot on filming day, reporters think that the members, and even KJK want to be eliminated so they can rest immediately. But evidently, KJK is not think that way.

3 years in Running Man, the most exciting game is football. Reporters asked if the members’s skill are not too good. KJK laughed and answered,”I’m not that good too. In fact, the other members are better than me”

“When HaHa’s son was born, i went to see him”, he proudly told. “I also, in this 1,2 years want to meet someone nice and get married.”

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[PICS + VIDEOS] Kim Jong Kook @ ONEFM and TV2 Malaysia


[PICS + VIDEOS] Kim Jong Kook @ ONEFM and TV2 Malaysia

Pic’s source: onefm & TV2
Vid’s source: onefm & MyNewsKaki

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Thumbs Up!

Thumbs Up!

With onefm's DJ Kyan

With onefm’s DJ Kyan

With onefm's DJ Kyan and Wind

With onefm’s DJ Kyan and Wind

With onefm's VJ Yoon

With onefm’s VJ Yoon

Kim Jong Kook with onefm's DJ Yoon as MC (cr DJ Yoon)

Kim Jong Kook with Malaysia's TV2's staff. (cr TV2)

Kim Jong Kook with Malaysia’s TV2’s staff

Kim Jong Kook signing for TV2

Kim Jong Kook signing for TV2

Kim Jong Kook being interviewed by TV2 (pre-recording)

Kim Jong Kook being interviewed by TV2 (pre-recording)