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[PAPITUS] 6th Recruitment of Kim Jong Kook Official Fan Club


I assume a lot of people would have planned an outgoing for warmer whether than.
Hope have a nice weekend, futhermore I appriciate if all of you take an interest for joining fanclub which starts from next monday.
As mentioned thru last notice, this 6th recruitment of papitus will be offered through Interpark.
There is the page served in English, and you can join thru this page without any problems.
And also please be aware of precautions once more,
what a new 6th! We will be committed to providing with fresh and fruitful activities all the year around. ^——-^

<for overseas>

Precautions for overseas
1. Without a seperate sign-up for Interpark, you can apply for joining this fan club. Please check your information such as your name, contact, address, when you hand in filling the form in correctly. Your address & contact you wrote will be used in delivering fanclub goods.

2. In the E-mail section, you should type your DAUMEmails regstered in PAPITUS FAN CAFE (e.g. in case of your DAUM ID is abc, please type We are scheduled to have the ID’s grade move up in cafe.

3. In case of oversease because ot difficulty processing a deposit, only credit card will be accepted.

4. You should register in PAPITUS CAFE so that get accurate information and all benefits. On the inside of cafe, the rooms for only members will be provided to share undisclosed photos and videos. And also there will be some events for only members of fanclub. The events will be noticed only through our CAFE, thus, you should be registered in caf

5. If you are living in Korea and also have your own Foreign Registration Number, you can join through Interpark with sign-up it as well. If you want the items to be delivered in Korea, please refer the notice for Korean.

Source: Papitus

[NEWS] 130302 What is Kim Jong Kook Looking for in a Girlfriend?


Source: Allkpop
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What is Kim Jong Kook looking for in a girlfriend_1

What does it take to be Kim Jong Kook‘s girlfriend? His good friend and actor Jang Hyuk revealed the musclebound singer’s requirements on the latest ‘Entertainment Relay‘.

Jang Hyuk shared, “My good friend Kim Jong Kook recently got a leg injury, so he hasn’t been able to participate in ‘Running Man‘ normally. If he had someone beside him, it’d be better, but because he’s [suffering alone], I feel sorry and worry for him.”

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