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[TRANS] Mnet Wide Quick Talk


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Eng Sub

MC: What kind of girl do you want to meet in 2013?
KJK: A person who is good at cooking. A person who is very wise and is polite.

MC: Is there a certain age gap you are thinking of?
KJK: I used to think big age gap was not very good, but now I need to start thinking about children so my mom recommends me to meet healthy/younger woman. Now, I think it is not so bad to have some age gap between my future wife and me.

Q: If you find a fan you like, what are you going to do?
KJK: Hmnn…personally I like people who like me. I am a shy person so I am not the person who goes after someone; therefore, I am person who waits for someone to ask me out. If you like me, I think expressing it would be very good for me.

Indonesian Sub

MC: Tipe gadis seperti apa yang ingin anda temui di 2013?
KJK: Seseorang yang pintar memasak. Seseorang yang bijaksana dan sopan. Read the rest of this entry

[17 PIC] 130112 Papitus Indonesia Mini Gathering Jakarta & Surabaya


Terima kasih banyak ya kawan semua atas kedatngannya di 1st Papitus Indonesia Mini Gathering ^^ Kami sebagai para Admin mohon maaf bila ada kesalahan dan kekurangan dalam mini gath ini… Papitus 짱!
Kim Jong Kook..FIGHTING!

JAKARTA @ Urban Kitchen Central Park Mall dan Lime Light Karaoke Family



716393376_2 Read the rest of this entry