[NEWS] Kim Jong Kook Reveals His Ideal Type


Source: Allkpop
Reblog by Admin J @ KJK Indonesia

Singer Kim Jong Kook revealed his ideal type on the November 7th episode of SBS‘ ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘.

During his interview on the show, Kim Jong Kook, who recently returned with “Men Are All Like That“, commented on HaHa‘s marriage:  “Not lying, when I heard the news about his marriage, I couldn’t eat for a while. Rather than feeling betrayed, I was jealous of someone getting married for the first time in my life.”

When the reporter asked him about his ideal type, Kim Jong Kook replied, “I’d like her to be around 165cm (~5’5″) tall, not skinny, and have a round face.  She doesn’t have to be rich, and I prefer someone with big eyes because mine are small.

The reporter replied that his description sounds very similar to actress Moon Geun Young to which Kim Jong Kook responded, “I used to think that I wanted a daughter like her. I saw her recently [while filming] ‘Running Man‘, and she’s become a woman.”

When asked, Kim Jong Kook added that he wouldn’t mind if she asked him out.

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