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120917 Summary of Kim Jong Kook @ Cultwo Radio


Summary of Kim Jong Kook @ Cultwo Radio on 17 Nov.

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Talks about someone’s incident. Someone’s kid likes Running Man a lot so she/mother bought him a RunningMan Shirt. MCs talking about how YJS and KJK shirts are selling for more than the other ones. The kid wanted YSJ shirt but she bought KJK shirt. The kid was disappointed. Mom asked him why because KJK is the capable one. The kid said, you have to close your eyes to use commanders’ power.

So basically a story talking about KJK’s small eyes lol. I think it is made up….but u never know hahahah

When HaHa married, KJK said he felt as though HaHa completed the mission and he didnt. He wants to get married before 40. Read the rest of this entry

[NEWS] Kim Jong Kook and K.Will Interrogate Byul on Why She Likes HaHa


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Kim Jong Kook and K.Will interrogated Byul about her husband HaHa.

On the November 9th episode of ‘Music Bank‘, Byul was interviewed about her comeback song, “You Are So Bad” by K.Will and Kim Jong Kook. Kim Jong Kook started things off by stating, “Sister-in-law, why do you like HaHa so much?“. Byul answered, “He may be short, but his heart is big. I’m very happy because I’m getting married.” Read the rest of this entry

[NEWS] Kim Jong Kook Spotted Hanging Out with His Mom at Arcade


Kim Jong Kook was spotted hanging out with his mom at an arcade recently.

Photos of the mother and son enjoying a friendly game together surfaced online on the 9th. Fans are commenting that it’s another side to the singer, who’s known for his masculine, ‘Sparta’ character on ‘Running Man‘ as well as other variety programs. Read the rest of this entry