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‘Commander’ Kim Jong Kook Chosen as New MC of KBS2 ‘Escaping Crisis Number One’


‘Commander’ Kim Jong Kook is stepping out as a safety monitor.

KBS2 ‘Escaping Crisis Number One’ is revamping itself for Fall with a shocking decision to have Kim Jong Kook as the main MC. After recent internal discussions, ‘Escaping Crisis’ decided to choose Kim Jong Kook as MC along with Kim Joon Hyun and Boom. Along with existing MCs Eun Ji Won and Park Eun Young there will be 5 MCs.

This is the first time for Kim Jong Kook as an MC for a KBS variety program. On SBS ‘Good Sunday-Running Man’ he showed tremendous strength and competitive spirit and earned the nickname ‘Commander’. This is something that the fans look forward to. Recently the PD of ‘Escaping Crisis’ Jang Mi Young talked with Sports Seoul “It’s true we’re doing some reorganizing by trying to have a younger feel to the show so we are replacing MC Jin (Kim Gook Jin). Kim Jong Kook through his ‘Commander’ image will take on the role of the general. Kim Joon Hyun is currently a very popular gagman and we’re looking forward to seeing his synergy effect on the program. As for Boom he’ll take on the character of a chatterbox.”

Following the MCs, the set will also undergo a shakeup. At a ‘camping’ set, the show aims to tell people how to cope with natural disasters and risks in everyday life.

‘Escaping Crisis’ was first broadcasted in July 2005 and gained popularity as the first domestic Safety variety program. ‘Escaping Crisis’ with the addition of the new MCs will tape next month on the 2nd, first broadcast is planned on the 10th.

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[6 Pics] RM Filming Epidode 109



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Guests: Olympic swimmer Park Tae Hwan and rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon Jae

NOTE: According to allkpop, no one was allowed to enter the filming site so only these are the available fan-taken pics.

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Kim Jong Kook spotted in Seattle?


A photo of a man wearing wearing a t-shirt with Kim Jong Kook‘s name tag on his back is attracting much attention from fans and netizens.

A netizen recently uploaded the photo above onto an online community board with the title, ‘‘Running Man’ in Seattle‘. The photo shows a man wearing a green t-shirt with a name tag on his back that reads, ‘Kim Jong Kook’, making it seem as if it was a scene out of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘.

Although it’s pretty clear from the back profile that the man is not Kim Jong Kook, netizens were amused by the fact that a T-shirt with the name tag, a style made popular by ‘Running Man’, was spotted overseas.

Netizens left comments like, “I really thought that was Kim Jong Kook“, “‘Running Man’ made its way to Seattle“, “Kim Jong Kook finally advanced into the U.S“, and more.

Source & Image: Herald News via Nate
Via: Allkpop

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LOL…. mimin ngakak baca ini hahahaha XD Waaahh virus Running Man emang sudah menjangkit ke seluruh dunia ya kkkk~ DAE~ BAK!!

[20 Pics] 청춘나이트 콘서트 [Youth Night Concert] 120812



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[UPDATED][13 Pics] Running Man Filming Episode 107 +108


Guests : Kim Sang Joong and Jang Shin Young 
Gaeko replaced Gary because he is sick and cant attend the filming. 

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Kim Jong Kook gets revenge on Lee Kwang Soo on ‘Running Man’?


Kim Jong Kook‘s thirst for revenge had Lee Kwang Soo out of his wits with terror.

The August 12th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Running Man‘ featured actress Han Ji Min in search of her true love and the male cast members given the mission to convince her that they are ‘the one’ by making romantic proposals.

However, rather than focusing on his mission, Kim Jong Kook began his hunt for Lee Kwang Soo in return for being betrayed last week. Scared for his life, Lee Kwang Soo, who’s nicknamed ‘Giraffe’, hid inside a dark storage room as he trembled in fear. “This is the place where we will have to stay in for the next three hours,” he told the cameraman, but it was already too late as Kim Jong Kook aka ‘Sparta Kook’ easily tracked him down thanks to his inhuman instincts.

To this, Lee Kwang Soo went into a 180 degree character transformation, pretending as if he wasn’t himself saying, “Excuse me? No, I’m not Giraffe. I saw him upstairs. I even got an autograph from him,” all while speaking in a different tone. Bursting into laughter at his fake act, Kim Jong Kook played along asking whether he really isn’t the Giraffe.

In the end, Lee Kwang Soo broke down into a nervous wreck and surrendered exclaiming, “Hyung, just rip my name tag off. I feel like I’m really going to die like this.” But with the help of ‘partner’ Ji Suk Jin, Kwang Soo was able to safely get away from Sparta Kook.

Source & Image: Financial News via Nate, allkpop

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Lee Kwang Soo hangs up Kim Jong Kook’s ‘Running Man’ name tag on his wall


Lee Kwang Soo has brought laughter to many ’Running Man‘ fans with his one-of-a-kind display.

On August 7th, the cast member posted the photo above on his twitter along with the words, “My mom framed the name tag I ripped off Jong Kook hyung’s back ♥

It turns out the actor’s mom had decided to commemorate her son’s achievement on the latest episode of ‘Running Man’ by framing Kim Jong Kook‘s name tag, and in turn, the actor had hung it up on the center of a wide wall, commanding the attention of all who pass by.

As many fans of the show are aware, each of the ‘Running Man’ members were assigned characters that fit each individual. Lee Kwang Soo was named the ‘giraffe’ whereas Kim Jong Kook is known as the ‘tiger’. Like their respective herbivorous and carnivorous characters, their relationship on the show reflects that of a predator and its prey.

However, on the most recent broadcast of the show, Lee Kwang Soo was given the heaven-sent opportunity to betray his fellow Red Team member Kim Jong Kook during a chaotic moment, which he took full advantage of as he ripped off the “tiger”s name tag and ran away shaking in fear while cheering in victory. In response to the situation, Kim Jong Kook stated, “Next week I’ll rip your name off in a way that the situation has to be blurred out on television,” drawing the laughter of everyone.

Source + Image: TV Daily via Nate, Lee Kwang Soo’s Twitter, allkpop

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