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[ENGSUB] Kim Jong Kook & Wonder Girls @ Come to Play


[VIDEO ENGSUB] 081103Kim Jong Kook & Wonder Girl @ Come to Play

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Kim Jong Kook Reveals His Aspirations in Park Ji Sung’s Charity Game Campaign, “I will sneak some know-hows off him”


KJK reveals his aspirations in Park Ji Sung’s charity game campaign, “I will sneak some know-hows off him”

[TVDaily Kwak Hyun Soo reporting] Singer KJK has showed an extraordinary affection to youth soccer in Park Ji Sung’s charity game campaign.

On 21 May, ‘the 2nd Asian Dream Cup’ campaign was held at Kimpo Ara Marina Convention centre where Manchester Utd’s Park Ji Sung and casts of SBS Good Sunday ‘Running Man’ had attended the event. Read the rest of this entry

‘Running Man’ Kim Jong Kook, The Reason Why the Public Enemy Tiger is Cute


Kim Jong Kook, even though he is outwardly a tiger, he’s cute if you look closely.

Kim Jong Kook, even though he is outwardly a tiger, he’s cute if you look closely.

Kim Jong Kook has the image of a tiger on Good Sunday’s Running Man. With a muscled body and good stamina, Kim Jong Kook can only be the worst public enemy on Running Man, a show that usually holds races.

On Running Man, there are many instances when the opposing members form alliances against The Commander, Kim Jong Kook. On the Strongest Race episode broadcasted on May 6th, the members chose Kim Jong Kook as the number one person they wanted to get rid of. The May 13th episode was the same. HaHa, Gary, Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Suk Jin formed an alliance against Kim Jong Kook. Kim Jong Kook had no chance but to be eliminated. Read the rest of this entry

“I’ll Protect the Girl Groups”… Kim Jong Kook “Manner Hand Commander” Ascends


Singer Kim Jong Kook’s (36) “manner hands” are grabbing the hearts of female fans.

Recently on an online bulletin board, screen captures of Hyuna, of 4Minute, partnering with Kim Jong Kook on SBS “Good Sunday Running Man’s (Running Man)” “Wedding Race Episode,” which was aired on the 13th, were released. The poster focused on Kim Jong Kook’s gestures, which were full of manners, and released multiple pictures showing them. Read the rest of this entry