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110817 Kim Jong Kook & Mikey @ Beatbox Party with Faddy Robot


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Itu kakinya Jongkook oppa masih belum sembuh ya lukanya…. Masih di perban gitu TT__TT

Kim Jong Kook’s Brother on 1 vs 100 “….KJK did not have plastic surgery”


1 vs.100’ Kim Jong Kook’s real brother, a plastic surgeon, “Whether Kim Jong Kook had plastic surgery or not..”

[August 2, 2011 21:47:26]
[Newsen Reporter Kim Chaehyeon]

KJK’s real older brother appeared in the ‘1 vs. 100’ and told whether KJK had plastic surgery or not.

In KBS 2TV ‘1 vs. 100’ aired on August 2, KJK’s real older brother, Mr. Kim Jong Myeong, a board-certified plastic surgeon, appeared, challenging at 50 million won prize money.

On that day, when MC Son Beom Soo asked Mr.Kim Jong Myeong, “What would you like to do if you get 50 million won?”, Mr.Kim Jong Myeong showed warm hearted appearance saying “My younger brother donates publically and privately so that I also want to donate it.”

Continuing on,on a question from Son Beom Soo, “Don’t KJK ask (plastic surgeries) free of charge as his older brother is a plastic surgeon?”. He denied “If he had altered, his face would look better than current one. KJK did not have plastic surgery.”

Mr. Kim Jong Myeong sang younger brother’s ‘One Man’ on the spot and he showed appearance of unexpected ‘tone-deafness’, causing laughters.

On that day, Mr. Kim Jong Myeong solved questions step by step and added accurate explanations to questions, so that he attracted attentions. (He said) upon hearing his brother’s appearance in ‘1 vs. 100’, KJK “advised me not to be disappointed even if I cannot go higher level.”

Kim Jong Kook's brother on 1 vs 100


Reported byKim Chaehyeon, chkim@,copyrightⓒ Newsen

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Waktu itu ada yang pernah nanya sama kita, “KJK operasi plastik gak sih?” dan inilah jawabannya, yaitu TIDAKYang berarti kegantengan dan kekerenannya adalah alami dan murni adanya *halah* hahahaha… Oh iya lupa waktu itu dmana gituh Kim Jong Myeong *hyungnya Jongkook oppa* pernah ditanya juga “Kalau anda diberi kesempatan untuk mengoperasi KJK, bagian mana ang akan anda rombak (?)” terus hyungnya itu bilang “Semuanya, kecuali hidungnya haha”

Sebagus itukah hidungnya Jongkook oppa? Silahkan aja kalian perhatikan pic2nya kkkkk~ Tapi awas jangan sampai mimisan nanti *lebay* hahahaha

Kim Jong Kook, manner hands while carrying Jiyeon on his back, thought he was a man only physically, but even consideration (is manly)


Kim Jong Kook, manner hands while carrying Jiyeon on his back,
“thought he was a man only physically, but even consideration (is manly)”

RM 55 Filming

Singer KJK’s ‘manner hands’-mode photos were made public. On August 2, photos with title “There are true manner hands! Kim Jong Kook” were posted on a bulletin board of internet portal site. The netizen who made the photos public left notes as “these are personally taken photos of the Running Man shot on yesterday,” and “KJK and Jiyeon seem in the same team.

Then, what is catching our eyes are exactly KJK’s manner hands.” Continuing on, (the netizen) added, “In the past, when embracing Lee Hyori in “Family Outing”, and recently recenly, embracing Goo Hara in the ‘Running Man’, KJK always has been in the manner hands-mode. (He is) wonderful”

KJK, in the published photos, working on a race holding Ji Yeon, a member of T-ara. In the photos, KJK either opens his hands (off the thigh), or gathers them together on his abdomen while carrying Ji Yeon on his back, attracting netizens’ attention.Manner hands means a pose that men does not touch women with their hands, making unnecessary skin-ship so that avoiding unpleasant feelings.

So, as KJK showed manner hands, he got praises from netizens. Netizens showed enthusiastic responses, such as “Really wonderful”, “KJK’s manner hands is well-known. He is completely a man”, “He showed manner mode no less than one or two times. He seems to be used to (good) manners”, “He is truly the man among men, with both of his body and heart.”

In the ‘Running Man” shot on that day, it was known that Suzi in Miss A, Serley in f(x), and Luna participated in. By the way, one can check the racing competition with girl groups and runningman members in the ‘Sunday is Good-Runningman’ on coming August 7.

Reporter Cho Hyeonjin chj@,,

copyrightⓒ Newsen

Translation by JKjik @ soompi forum


Aaahhh…. ini dia yang namanya cowok.  Bukan hanya hatinya yang lembut, tapi manner nya juga sangat lembut 🙂 Pernah suatu kali di acara Happy Together, Jongkook oppa bilang di banding “gentle”, kata “weak” lebih tepat saat ia bertemu atau berhadapan dengan wanita…. Jadi makin cinta deh sama Jongkook oppa kkkk~

Kim Jong Kook, Charity Fan Meeting in Japan


Tokyo=Yonhap News) Lee Taemoon Correrspondent=On (July) 30, singer Kim Jong Kook held a Charity Fan Meeting ‘Hope For Japan’ at the Setakaya County Auditorium in Tokyo

Appeaing in amid excited hearty cheers from fans on that day, KJK said his thoughts that “I am nervervous and my heart flutters because this is in a long time”, and “I feel like meeting you after difficulty, because I thought I might not able to meet you as it was postponed due to big earthquake, although scheduled in past March,” after he opened the curtain with ‘Autumn Letter’, and ‘This is the Person’.

He expressed his heart of appreciation by saying, ” I have been worried that I might not have such an opportunity like this any more. Fortunately, however, you have been patiently taking it well, so that this event becomes possible. I really would like to thank you so much.”

Continuing on, rapper Mikey, member at the ‘Turbo’ era, made a friendship appearance, and presented hit numbers, ‘Reminiscence’, etc.

When KJK showed ‘Lovely’, the representative number which received the most requests on fan votes
, fans sang along in all unison, adding the heat at the venue.

Besides that, popular Korean Wave stars such as actor So Ji Seop, poppular groups, 2PM, Amblek, Secret T-Ara, and solo singer Kim Hyung Joong & Min Kyung Hoon, etc, congratulated meaningful event with video messages.

Source: [Yonhap News] July 31 (Sun) 02:35PM.

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